You can no longer pretend to be smaller than you are

Brenda Hofman stated this line in her latest blog: Who do You wish to Be? You can find her blog on the website to read her entire article.

I have been reading a lot of blogs over the years, long before I started writing my own blog, called What is Love? and the Heartfelt Messages I started writing in July 2013 in France during our holliday over there. My husband had been diagnosed with coloncancer and already had his 4th chemo therapy and considering the way it had its impact physically as well mentally and emotionally, we decided to take a period of rest during our 3 week retraite in a place we always feel at home.

Because of all the anxiety and stress we have been gone through it was important for the both of us to do what we normally do on our holliday. We go through our past year since our last holliday, express what hasn’t been expressed yet caused by the day to day routines and unspoken emotions that are still lingering. We learned last year that be open and outspoken about what is going on, is the best way to do some clearing and healing by expressing them to eachother. Not that it didn’t happened along the way. Yet this experience we were going through was pretty intense and had put a lot of stress on both of us, dealing with the every day reality each in our own way.


Being confronted with this life threatening disease followed by surgery and lot of stuff going bad had a big toll on the both of us emotionally. Together we were a great team when it came to camping, putting up a tent, yet this time we hade to prove that we are a great team together in dealing with this trial and to keep it open, honest, transparant and expressing verbally as well in our day to day routine. Our time in France always helped us clear old stuff and releasing them when they were out in the open, acknowledged and accepted. This works for the both of us and is a win-win relationship.

When we arrived on our campingside we immediately were confronted with a really bad tornade and we had to hang on the posts of the tent to prevent it to be blown up in the air. We literally could hear and feel the enormous roaring of energy caused by fierce windflares and it was like a train was coming straight at us. Now I had learned in these past months how important it is to be grounded and to keep your feet on the ground in any situation, so we were put quiet to the test physically as well emotionally. So I took a deep breath, hold on to the post, grounded my feet firmly on the ground and allowed the energy of the storm just pass right through me, allowing instead of fighting it, and I found myself in the middle of the eye of the storm, yet this was my inner cell of the storm, because I could still feel the battle of the wind and the enormous pulls it had on our tent. This was my deep inner core, without any fear, just quietness and receptiveness, and such an amazing gift to receive at that moment in time.

The tornado passed leaving a trail of rumble on the campingside, lots of kids in camps where rushed in cars to safety, a tree fell on the car of our neighbours and the next morning it was clear what had happened. For us it was an amazing experience, both grounded at the same time, and feeling strong to stand tall in any storm that would pass in our life. At that moment I accepted the gift I received and started to write in the 3 weeks we were staying in France, I created a new page on Facebook called Heartfelt and discovered my deep connection with my spiritguide, high self who provided so many uplifting and inspirational messages in those weeks and through the years.

I never can go back to the way I was before, due to this life changing experience in the midst of a troublesome period of our life. We still had to deal with the cancer and the chemo, yet I also received a lot of comforting messages as well to realize that all I ever am, I can only be me if I do what I do best and use my passion for writing.

I can no longer pretend to be smaller then I am.

And so it is.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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