Contradiction between Heart and Mind
What if the messages are contra-dictionary to my inner sense
Where do I find the reassuring that my gut feeling is my compass
To follow no matter what everyone else might say.
I am always in for checking what feels as truth and what not.
So here I am sitting and waiting for my inner voice to speak
Listening by diving in deep within my inner well of light
As a dolphin would seek the wondrous ocean depths
Making waves as well in order to hear the sound


Echoes from the past are crying at times to be heard
Understood and aligned to be healed and released
Words may not always capture the truer meaning
Hidden in the lines of the hands of the author
So it is to be kept in silence to be understood
What it is to be presented in an orderly timing
Will you be led by the hand of the love or doubt
It is of your choosing which way you will turn to
Make the love aware in the sounds as well the tones
Of the listener to be understood
You may find there the inner truth of the love abiding
As is in the midst of the well of your hiding
You are here to be acknowledged as well to be heard
For its rhyme followed by those who were heart
My making is now of the listening unknown
To be included in the messages from home
There we will meet again in due times
As lovers that were lost and long forgotten through
The hidings by the mysteries of the mind
You were not found in the old ancient times
By the love and the fear combined
Just through space and time with the freedom to rise
There awaits the true love combined
We are of stars and dust combined in words
As in loving gestures and presented to as one
Have no fear of losing this from the mind
Cause the hearts wisdom will always be part
Of the inclusion of the travels by soul
The passion and mission the travelers fold
You my love are as close as my breath
Yet further more moved from this earthly demise.
Finding whatever it may take you to find
To bring you home where your bounds will be free
No longer connected with these ancient lines
By ancestors and lovers to hide.
Be free my love and fly on your wings
That are yours to hold in a flying journey
Up into the highest dimensions of source
Free as a bird and an angel combined
And so it will be.
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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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