Connected Heartfelt with Nature is a Gift

I was thinking about what to write to share my sensation or feelings today as well as yesterday. The pictures
I took were not at all I wanted to express during my walk in the early evening hours. It started at first with
the Sun still behind the clouds yet already very intense in its light. Too bright to look into it. Coming up to
the path leading me to the big tall tree covered with some kind of bindweed attached to it. Someone told
me this plant was also connected with the energy of Lemuria.


The old tree is like a portal or a guardian for me. Touching it is directly affecting my energy awareness. Like I am shifting somehow, which I can sense as well see the moment I make the connection. Not just
shifting of energy.. the ground is firm where I stand, it has its own bodyguards around it so to speak.
Bushes with prickles that will prevent anyone come to close. Even the dog senses the presence because
she will stop at this tree every time we pass by. As I do as well to touch and honor it for standing tall.

There is also some kind of shift in energy when I am outside walking with the dog. Like the moment I am
outside crossing this little bridge, birds get my attention, a light that gets clearer, a heron flies up, and makes
itself noticeable. The sun that comes through the clouds, shining directly on me. All I have to do is pay
attention and be aware of the gifts I receive by Nature. Standing in the full Sunlight it feels like a warm
embrace like I am been given a shower of light and energy, Not to mention the love I feel coming
through as well, noticing the huge light presence reflecting in the water. How to give words to this
amazing sensation I feel within my heart, bringing a big smile to my mouth and tears in my eyes.

Not from sorrow or pain, just tears pouring out in a wave of love and light, almost like bliss although I
wouldn’t describe it always like that. Yet the joy that comes with it, deeply felt in my heart, is coming from
a deep connection and a union well known. Standing there in the full golden ray of the Sun is a gift I
cherish. It makes me feel loved and cared for. Safe and sheltered as well, just like the sense I receive in
touch with that magical tree standing beside the path. I don’t have to explain neither do I need to, yet I
want to share it. Because the connection with Nature we had, in our ancestor lines, got lost somehow in
the western world. Yet it is deeply ingrained within our own heart and soul so to speak.

Each and every one of us has the means and the tools to be in touch with this connection in Nature.
Sometimes we need to be taught again like we teach our children not to abuse nature or destroy it.
There are many groups out there in the world, like guardians and protectors for our Nature worldwide. As
there are many groups that are not in touch with it and just see the use they can have from it. We are not
balanced, yet I would say. All I can do is show by example, teach my grandkids how to honor and
respect Nature in all its forms. To be aware of their inner connection with the trees, the water, the wind, the clouds as well.

What comes naturally for one, is a difficult matter to comprehend for the other. Like my story as a tree
lover, watching the sky and clouds, see forms in them as if I can see reflections of the fairy world.
Formations in the sky that look like mountains in the distance in a very flat small country below sea level.
I always looked for refuge in the woods and forests I grew up with. Walking in the early morning when
the birds woke up, the dew on the plants and wet ground, to feel and smell the fresh air in the forest with
its own fragrance. It would give me the sense of being alive, waking up into my cells even as a child,
feeling safe and secure, and as one with it. This Heartfelt connection I have is innate to me.

So I am feeling blessed with these moments I can stand in the Golden Ray of the Sun or the crystalline clarity of it. It nourishes me in so many ways, not just emotional, also physical, and mental, and even my energetic body. I am grateful it comes naturally to me and I am aware of the gift this presents itself. Not
taking it for granted as I never will take our love for Nature for granted. The love we shared as a couple
was also engraved in this deeply felt connection with nature. It is part of us and will always be creating
a connection through these signs. Heartfelt gifts through Nature has its way of teaching the oneness in
all. All we have to do is to have an open mind and an open heart.

And so it is.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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