The core of every living creation

When you know you relate to all that lives,
Human, animal, elemental, plants as well crystals,
We know we are sharing something in common
At our core being.
This resonates with all that lives through energy
Which comes from the same source.


The cave of creation holds the key to this
Ever continuum of our life essence in any form,
Shape or substance.
The smallest plankton in the ocean,
The biggest animal, the smallest grain of sand
The biggest form to be found in Nature
Every and all is created through the energy
Of life, or love, the core being of all.
To be open to experience the energy every creation
And receive the messages they want to bring
Into awareness and conscious connection.
Tree huggers connect with the core energy,
Dolphins attract every human being,
We all are part of this wonderful creation
We call Life, it connects us with different dimensions.
The material world as we see it will enfold
Her mysteries and magic when we open up
Our senses to see through the illusions of this 3D world.
To see, feel and sense the different energies
Each species hold as well is sending out.
This way we are able to realize we are not so different,
As well connected in a way we not always expect.
When you close your eyes, you will experience
The world in a different manner as with your ability
To see and watch your surroundings.
For those who are Clairvoyant, Clair auditive
Or clear sentient, the interaction with this unseen 3D reality
The connection is easier to establish, as is the connection
With the core, the multidimensionality we are.
It will shatter the perception of duality,
As well the need to empower all that seems to be less,
Less worthy, less lovable, less respected.
Our core connection, regardless of our appearances,
Is the same energy, the life force through creation.
Each has its own unique pattern and design,
Yet all are known through this core connection.
We are part of creation as we are connected
With all parts and aspects of it
In loving connection with each other, we are able
To be at ease with the differences, as well the ability
To work together in harmony and peace.
We are the change-makers,
to create a world with recognition
For each other’s unique signature
To bring up the highest good for all that lives.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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