Courage and clarity
Should I, or shouldn’t I
Should I stay or should I go
When all things are shifting around.
Will I be able to go with the flow
And release anything that holds
Even the familiar ones.
On a threshold, standing my ground
I love to take this step forward
Weather or not it feels sound.


Should I take this step into the unknown
Or be on the safe ground I know.
Good times are coming,
 I am sure I will be found.
Maybe this will get easier
When time passes by
Or when the birds are flocking
And sending their signs in the sky.
Fully confident I am to trust this nodge inside
To step out of the comfort zone that felt so right
Now this is getting cramping me
And I want to move forward again.
Learning to step into the unknown
Into the abyss of the depth of my heart
Where nothing is certain how far it will lead me.
Yet I know all these steps were meant to take me
To his wonderful moment in time.
It is nothing more or less then to trust
And have faith in my own capabilities.
Should this moment be edge in time,
 Or is it one more step that I have been taken
Along the line.
I know I am ready to make this new transition
To be on the other side of the edge again
And never lost and always found myself
Guarded as well within this inner fire
Stepping through the walls of the flames
Not getting burned because it is mine.
This is the unique spark within my lineage
Which is giving me this energy to stand my ground
Without fear and filled as well fueled by love,
From my soul family burned within my DNA.
So here I go, standing proud my ground,
No more should or shouldn’t,
You know when you know, that’s the way
It works.
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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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