The implication of dreaming reality

There is a difference between dreaming and reality for most of us. Yet in these past weeks, my dreams are creating a reality of their own in such a wonderful way, it lingers throughout my day to day business. By doing so I am dreaming my reality in a totally different manner because I am in tune with the invisible world that is not seen by everyone. My dream last night was a great example.

I was walking hand in hand with my beloved at the camping in France at Lac de Bairon. We were greeted by a group of people we have come to know over the past 30 years. They welcomed us with open arms, at least that was my first impression. They gave me warm embraces and telling me how sorry they are for my loss. I noticed Herman walking down to the waterline and was surprised to realize they were only seeing me. For to me, he was as real as ever and the situation was confronting as well confirming. Walking between the lines of the different dimensions enabled me to be aware of his presence as real as ever, yet not for everyone to see. This is something that made me realize as well as how different people are experiencing their reality as well the way people react to me from their perspective.

So does that mean I am able to see him all the time side by side? Am I only aware of him in my dream state? I am also aware of his presence and loving energy during my day times by different signals that come to my attention. It might be a sent, a picture, a lyric, or a bird to let me know he is around. Or it is during my dream or semi dream state my body and emotions are reacting to a certain feeling only familiar by his touch. I am not dreaming this up, that’s for sure, maybe others might think otherwise. To me, this is my day to day reality after his transition to notice the little and sometimes subtle signs to make me aware of his energy. It always is loving and confirming, although the physical absence of his being is also hard to deal with and am I feeling deprived of my hugs and loving arms.

The importance of my dreaming is clear to me for the impact it has on my inner balance and the more I am at peace with this situation, the better I can handle the different states of presence. I have been in touch with dear friends who already have gone through these steps, as well as friends who are able to connect with the spirit of deceased entities as we are used to calling them. I cannot see Herman as a deceased entity because to me he is as real as he was when he was still alive in this physical plane. Every dream I have will alter my daily consciousness as well as my unconscious levels. The energy I wake up with is like a guideline for me how this new day will enfold and how I am able to step forward and move on. The dream state is altering my conscious awareness and that implicates for me, we are able to shift from one reality to another and travel through time and space as well.


How can we make use of our dreams? There are so many books where you can find information on how to explain certain situations appearing in your dreams, or people. Maybe we all dream about other different lifetimes we are playing a part in the unconscious in different parallel worlds so to speak. I don’t really know and actually at this moment in time, I don’t really care what kind of explanation someone else might give to my dreams. We all make use of our own visual symbols and people that might express a certain step in our process, trying to clarify the situation in order to bring in some clarity. Yet every dream I remember is one that definitely plays a part in my own awareness during the day.

Especially when it clarifies something for me, right there and then in my dream, not when I wake up, no in my dream state I am also aware and conscious. The line is very thin between this state of mind during the daytime, or the way my dreams are guiding me.

What does this implicate for me? Either asleep and dreaming or awake and going on with my daily business, one is connected with the other in a profound way the more I become conscious of it. Maybe my day to day life is influencing my dreams as much as my dreams have their impact on me during the day. It is one flow of energy, going forth and back, through the different states I am living my life. Grateful this is so, for to me it is also comforting to know, with a very deep inner knowing, our essence is a constant factor and not gone because we cannot see through the veil yet.

It is up to us to allow the separation and the illusions of this material world we have created to be dissolved in order to be reconnected with our deepest inner knowing. Love will always be the guideline even when the pain and sorrow are sometimes hard to endure. I only have to remember the deep love we had and still have for each other to realize these moments will pass. Yet Love will prevail at all times. Awake or Dreaming, both are parts of the same vibrational energy we call Life.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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