Esteban Tejedor

Esteban Tejedor

How can I help you?

I have 42 years of experience in many fields in life, with some hard times and also joyful ones; I have crossed from one side to the other several times in my life, and I have acquired some wisdom from the contrast. I have learnt how to survive in the most difficult moments, and how not to get lost during the easiest ones.

Besides all those experiences, my travels around the globe and the many books and courses of different kinds I have come across with, have made me have a broad understanding of life and, most importantly, of myself. And I say most importantly because, first, all we are looking for is inside ourselves, and secondly, once you understand yourself you can better understand others.

I have developed my left –rational– side of the brain, that I have strongly trained thanks to my profession in the IT-computing and Project Management fields. In addition, due to the different experiences in my life (including some traumatic events), I have developed a special sensitivity and empathy.

All in all, I am sure I can help you to find out more about yourself in many aspects of life.


I have learnt to love everything and everyone, even when sometimes they make it so difficult!!

Of course, I love to have fun and feel loved, but even the hardest moments I know they are part of my journey, so I have learnt to embrace them as well.

And I love to give to others what I have inside, to help them to feel better and to reach their goals. That makes me feel great as well! What you are giving to others, you are giving it to yourself.

How I came to become a Teacher/Mentor …

When I meet somebody, if they are receptive enough, I always focus on transmitting them my energy and my insights, sometimes during hours of relaxed and deep conversations. I have encouraged the laziest, and inspired the most curious.

Their gratitude and recognition have been more than worth it. That is one of the reasons I am here, my goal is to make a living doing what I love to do.

The skills I have learnt along the way …

I will first talk about the theory… I have attended courses and got certifications in Coaching, NLP, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, creativity, leadership, effective communication, successful public speaking, customer service, team and project management, business management… complemented with lots of books about psychology, the law of attraction, quantum physics and metaphysics, spiritual awakening, health and nutrition…

Among others, I am a certified Master Coach and NLP Practitioner.

And I have travelled to over 30 countries, opening my mind to new cultures and ways of understanding life.

Plus, my career and profession have served me as a training to extremely developing my logic skills.

My unique style

I like finding a relaxing environment for a chat, and having calm conversations. I like listening more than talking. I only open my mouth when I have something interesting/relevant to say, or to formulate a question that guides my interlocutor to a deeper talk. I like to be clear and concise, I am always very honest, sometimes too much… but that is me!

I am very patient and I can explain the same thing in different ways if necessary. And I love to use the sense of humour when the time is right.

Sometimes I find appropriate to summarise at the end of the talk, not to leave forgotten anything.

My "work" does not finish with the chat, usually the conversation keeps going around in my mind, and I may contact you afterwards with a new insight or a better explanation.

Clients have told me that …

They remember our chats with pleasure, and also the things we talked about.

Some people tell me they feel like we have known each other for a long time.

"Esteban helped me believe in myself again after a difficult past. His sessions helped me realise I have many skills and passions, which motivated me to expand my business. He helped me realise that we create our realities with our thoughts, beliefs and actions, encouraging me to step into the new with courage!" — Louise Luckett

"From 2017, Esteban has inspired me to effectively develop my work for English Language students. His no-nonsense personal coaching, spirituality and emotional intelligence workshops provoke within me both a sense of well-being and the determination to move forward creatively in my life." — Peter Sebastian

"Very well constructed and delivered knowledge. Very informative and positive approach, perfect for the improvement of self-development and to boost confidence. Well done and keep up the good work!" — Donatas Varnas

"My internship was an adventure which I will carry on for the rest of my life. Esteban was such a nice tutor/supervisor and he taught me more than I would have thought." — Judith van Duinen

"I have met Esteban during the summer of 2018 when I was interning with his company Hola People. Over the course of one month while I was in Liverpool, Esteban proved to be not only an amazing manager but also a great teacher. He is incredibly inventive and is always trying to come up with new and different ideas to improve himself, his company and the entire world." — Ruxandra Helici

"The course on Emotional Intelligence was very informative and useful. Esteban created a friendly and comfortable atmosphere which facilitated learning through a variety of means. Thank you for a brilliant course :)" — Cosima Doerfel Hill

"I attended the emotional intelligence course in Liverpool and found it very helpful learning about how to express my emotions. When I first started I was shy however Esteban and the other people who attended made me feel at ease and I started getting involved in discussions and role plays which helped with my confidence. Esteban made this course really interesting the reason I continued to attend. Would highly recommend these courses! Well done!" — Laura Caveney

"I found the Emotional Intelligence course beautifully illustrated, constructed and presented in a way which made it very easy to learn and participate. The core principle of the course for me was to control one's emotions to express oneself more positively, set attainable targets which once reached set even higher ones. The embodiment of this principle is Esteban himself who is a shining example of how one can use emotional intelligence to improve oneself. Cogito ergo sum" — Stephen McCormick

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