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Amber Royse

I came into this world as an only daughter… Much like others, my sensitivity was felt at a very early age, but ignored by everyone around me. I had one brother and my mother was a single parent to both of us. Much of my childhood consisted of my mother feeling like she had to compete with me. Til’ this day, I’m not sure what for, but much of that part of my life is set aside in previous chapters that remain buried under the chapters of who I am now.

Rhea Dopmeijer

Location:   Kampen, The Netherlands

Languages:   English, Dutch, French and some German

Spiritual advisor, Kundalini Reiki Master, Coach and Counselor, Energetic Therapist, Empath, Social Worker, Shaumbra

“I belong to no religion. My religion is love. Every heart is my temple” – Rumi

Charlene Abdoelhafiezkhan

I came into this world as youngest of three children. With my brother and sister being 7 and 5 year older than I am, I got the chance to see how they challenged life and learn from it. I was lucky enough to see how they handled school, homework, friends, family and eventually work. However.. I never learnt how to handle my emotions. We did not talk about emotions or feelings at home, no one did, not my parents nor my siblings.

Stephen Metcalfe-Davies

I came into this world on 29th June 1979, I was born prematurely and as a result spent many months in an incubator – only weighing a pound – a bag of sugar. I was not expected to pull through, but if I did I would have learning difficulties because of it. Thankfully I pulled through and went home with my mum and dad.


I came into this world in London in August 1957. My birth mother was an Australian traveller. I was given little information about my birth father but I understand that he was a New Zealander, also a traveller and en route to the United States. As far as I am aware, he was unaware of my existence. My mother was in a hurry to have me put up for adoption, so I was placed in foster care very soon after my birth and then into an adoption.

I was adopted by a very affluent family living on the outskirts of London. This consisted of my adoptive father and mother and my brother who was 32 months older than me and also adopted.

Hadil Diaf

The beginning of a surprising life: I came into this world on February 27th 2000, I was the first child in the family so I had brought plenty of joy into the whole family in general, aunts and uncles from both sides loved me and have tried everything just to make me happy during my childhood, I was doing great.  Also at my day care, my nanny loved me like I was her own daughter too and we could say that I had a really joyful and peaceful childhood. However, I sometimes had some reflections about life despite my very young age.

Chris Burn

Chris Burn opened his eyes slowly, painfully.

He was in a white room, bathed in a radiant, bright light. Where was he? How he had ended up there? His first thought was that he was dead. But in reality he was taking the first steps towards truly living for the first time in more than 30 years.

The white room was in an alcohol rehab clinic, the last one his wife would drive him to after bundling him, paralytic, into her car. He was 47 years old and drinking himself to death. This could be his final chance to survive his battle with addiction.

Esteban Tejedor

How can I help you? 

I have 39 years of experience in many fields in life, with some hard times and also joyful ones; I have crossed from one side to the other several times in my life, and I have acquired some wisdom from the contrast. I have learnt how to survive in the most difficult moments, and how not to get lost during the easiest ones.


Who am I?

I am an empath, a clairsentience, a witch, an old soul, an Indigo child and many other different people that I still don’t know yet.

I lived different lives before the actual one and I need to understand what’s the purpose for me being here, at this time, in this body, and this looking.

Who am I?

I don’t know yet.

But I’m on the right path to be the best version of myself.

Cristina Pardo Rojo

  • Young World Peace Prize 2003 – UNESCO
  • Project of the Year Award – Rotary International, 2002
  • Member of the team, Prince of Asturias Prize of the Peace 1998
  • International Entrepreneur Prize – Rotary Spain, Madrid Zurbarán
  • Award for Sports Excellence – Ministry of Culture and Sports – Bolivia

George Cunningham

I was born and bred in Liverpool, not that you’d know from my accent, and I’ve been using NLP in business applications since 1998. My career has been wide and varied and my love of the outdoors saw me begin my working life in Agriculture – initially as a shepherd on a lowland farm at Anthorn, in Cumbria (below) – check out the view from the front door further down this page, and yes I’m a keen photographer too.

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