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Young Leaders Academy™
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Young Leaders Academy™ - Qualification Form

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What do you desire?

What do you need? What do you feel is missing in your life?
What do you wish for? What do you dream about?

What internal resources do you have to apply to this challenge?

What do you want to be the best at?

Do you consider yourself an ambitious person?
(in the best sense of the word)

What does success look like for you, in your life and occupation?

What has prevented you from having the success you desire in your life already? What obstacles are there between you and your wishes/dreams?

Do you think you are productive? Is there anything that distracts you? Do you have trouble focusing on your goals, on what you want to achieve?

How much support from your family do you have?

How much support from your friends do you have?

Do you struggle to be fully present at any point in your days or in your relationships?

What are you most proud of/most excited about in your life right now?

What motivates you?

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What is your life like?

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What social networks do you use most? How many hours a day do you spend on each of them?

What do you spend your money on? Where do you shop?

What else do you spend your time on?

What keeps you up at night? Why?

Is there going to be any important changes in your life in the near future? (new job, career, move to a new place…) — if so, please explain

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What do you value?

What are the top 3 issues that you really care about? What is important to you?

What is the one big issue that concerns you right now?
What is the #1 challenge you are facing in your life?

What makes you pissed off?

What experiences, movies, music have influenced you most?

Who are your top 3 inspirational people and why?

What are the types of ethics you uphold?

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How do you feel valued/respected/important?

What can others do to make you feel valued and respected?

How are you currently contributing to the society, or have contributed earlier in your life?

What can we do at the Young Leaders Academy™ to make you feel valued? And how can you bring your best value to the Academy?

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What do you expect from the Young Leaders Academy™?

If you took part in the Young Leaders Academy™ where you could learn life skills, what are the top 5 subjects you would want on the curriculum?

What grabs your attention regarding the Young Leaders Academy™?

What is your #1 goal for joining the Young Leaders Academy™?

How can you know you have achieved your goal?
What scales do you use to measure success?

Do you really want or need to achieve your goal?

What are other benefits you see resulting in being a member of this community?

Why do you think you deserve to enter the Young Leaders Academy™?

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How do you want to get involved?

What are the best ways to stay connected with you, and you with the community?
(Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, website…)

Preferred time to be contacted for an interview

How do you, or would like to, get involved in making positive global or local changes?

If you had super human powers and could change the world in three ways what would they be?

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Are you a driven person who will see challenges through to the end and not easily give up?

What risks are you afraid to assume?

Are you willing to commit an appropriate amount of time to learning and growing your skills?

How committed are you to achieve your goal?

Why it is important to achieve it?

How close are you now to your goal?

Why do you think you haven't achieved this goal yet?

What do you think are your best characteristics or skills?

What do you think are your weaknesses?

We know life is sometimes busy… what is your availability to devote adequate time to this goal?
How many hours a day? Or how many hours a week?

If you have such availability, how long do you think you need to achieve your goal?

What problems do you see down the road that could obstruct or constrain our working together?

Do you believe in yourself?

How strongly do you believe you can accomplish your dreams?

8 out of 11

Your previous efforts

Have you invested in developing yourself in the past?

What did you invest in?

How much did you invest?

What did you get out of it?

What was missed, or what could have been better?

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How much would you be willing to invest for being the leader that you want to achieve your goal within your estimated time?

From 1 to 10, how much are you willing now to invest in you and your goal, where 1 is "I am not prepared to do it right now" and 10 is "I am ready to go right now"?

If it is under 7, what is it that you need in order to be in 7, 8, 9 or 10, and be able to move forward?

For what you have seen about the Young Leaders Academy™ so far, how do you think we could help you in the best possible way?

10 out of 11


After submitting, we will send you an email with our questions and your answers. You may need to check your spam folder.

If you think you can still make your answers more complete, you will be able to do it by responding to that email.

Remember, the more you explain your current situation, goals and motivations, the better we will understand you and the more likely we will want to help you.

Are your answers complete and definite, or you will complete them after, by email? *

What question have we forgotten to ask that will tell us something really important about you? And what is the answer?

I would like to receive in my inbox:

11 out of 11
We appreciate your time, so we want to reward you simply for submitting the form with genuine interest: a £100 coupon to gain access to our online courses.
Mentoring for young people

We are looking for committed young leaders (or future leaders), on legal age (18+ years old), and are giving away 10 9-month scholarships for you to achieve your personal or professional goal.
A goal that you will define with our support.

We want to help you!

We will do it through a mentoring coaching online training program. The goal is to guide you, accompany you in the process, so that you acquire the necessary skills and make all your personal and professional resources emerge.

You may want those resources to be shown to the world and get hired for a job, or start your own enterprise, excel in sport, prepare for a crucial event, travel more, or another type of personal or professional objective.

Young student advice

Growing up society tells us what to do with our life, what are the best things to invest in, which careers to choose to eventually find a good job, how much we should spend, and so on. And we fall in that routine!But what they don’t teach us is how important we, ourselves, are important.They don’t teach us to invest in ourselves, in our self-development and things to boost our life experience in the long term.

Wor abroad

We know how hard is to see the right move sometimes

We hold your hands and show you different perspectives in your life that you could not notice otherwise.We will listen to you and train you to find the way to achieve your goal and to get closer to the best version of you.These are some of the main reasons why a life coach is important, but there are more.

Young people coaching

Why is it important to have a mentor – coach – personal trainer?

  1. To help you find direction
  2. To help you reach your potential
  3. To keep you focused on what’s important
  4. To make you accountable for your actions
  5. To save you time and unnecessary stress
  6. To increase your confidence and get you re-motivated
  7. To train your brain into that winning mindset
  8. To understand yourself better and identify blind spots
  9. To improve your leadership skills
  10. To boost your overall well-being
Personal trainer for youth

To live the life you dream of, following your passions and talents,
is not just a dream; it is possible to materialise it, and we have made it.

Counseling for youth people

Family members, friends…

Counseling for students

But let me ask you a question: ”Would you ask your friend to fix the plumbing in your home? Would you ask your sibling to teach you to speak Italian?”Not unless they were experts in those fields.So why does it seem normal to rely on our families and friends to help us achieve our very unique, authentic life and professional goals?

It has never been easy or quick to get it.
You have to persevere, but don't let them make you give up,
it is possible to live the life you have always dreamed of.

We are driven to help you to get it!
Your success is also our success.

Academy for young leaders

Wouldn't it be better to ask for help from a coach who's trained to find and see our best values and strengths?

A professional who knows the right questions to ask and that can help to get you out of holes and affirm parts that you used to hide in shame.

One thing we know for sure,
the only obstacle between where you are now and where you want to be is you.

Personal development training for youth
Young Leaders Academy values

We are looking for young leaders (or future leaders) who hold the following values:

  1. Honesty and integrity
  2. Kindness and respect
  3. Commitment to your goals

The application consists of 3 parts:

Young Leaders Academy form

Phase 1 · Application

Fill in the form above. As we want to know about you in detail so we make sure we can help you and how, we are asking you a good number of questions.

The more complete your answers are, the more probabilities there are that we like you. This may take 20 to 30 minutes.

It is possible to submit the form without having responded fully to all the questions; in that case, you can finish its completion after by replying to the email we will send you once you submit the application.

Phase 2 · Meet

We will do a preselection from all the candidates who have completed their responses and those who we consider are eligible to move to Phase 3.

If you are one of those, we will arrange an online interview to know you more in detail.

Then, you will be asked to record a video presentation of yourself, explaining your background, your dreams, and indicating why you deserve to be trained in the Young Leaders Academy™.

Young Leaders vote

Phase 3 · Achieve

We will run a contest where your friends, family and community can vote for you.

Those who get the highest number of votes, will enter the academy. If you are a leader, we believe you can get many supporters!

But no worries if not, we will also choose some of you who we believe have a great potential, even not having ranked high in the voting contest. You may not get a big number of votes, but we may consider you do deserve to be in and grant a place for you.

We appreciate your time, so we want to reward you simply for submitting the form with genuine interest: a £100 coupon to gain access to our online courses.
VIP Young Leaders Academy

A tailored training

Coaching/mentoring for youth

Do you want to be coached and mentored without having to go through the contest? Would you like to have an extra of our time and resources?There is a non-free possibility to enter the academy, and the investment will depend on how far you want to go and how fast you want to achieve your goal.If this is your case, fill in the form, we will then contact you to know each other and assess if we can help you indeed, and how.

Know our experts

Esteban Tejedor

A certified Engineer, Master Coach and NLP Practitioner. A Spaniard who has lived in and visited 30+ countries around the world. Among other companies and organisations, the founder and director of Quantum Life University Project, aiming to democratise high education and work and travel opportunities in the world through a global support from this community.

Cristina Pardo Rojo

Cristina Pardo Rojo

Young World Peace Prize 2003 by the UNESCO. Coach of the Spanish Olympic Committee. Professor of Talent, Leadership, High Management, HR and High Performance Teams. International speaker. Sports Excellence award by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in Bolivia.

John Haynes

John Haynes

Founder and Managing Director of the International Coaching Academy (United Kingdom), with over 40 years experience in the field. His mission in life and business is to “Inspire, motivate and develop one million people to live to their full potential“.

Toni Navarro - Digital marketing

Toni Navarro

A Spanish Digital Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience, living in the UK. His Mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners thrive with their businesses in this digital era and to extend their online network.

Rhea Dopmeijer - Mentor and Coach

Rhea Dopmeijer

Dutch Social worker in shelters for battered women, nursing homes, psychiatry and hospital for almost 20 years. Spiritual advisor, Coach and Counselor, Energetic Therapist, Empath and Kundalini Reiki Master. Specialised in Women’s therapy.

Manuel Asís López

Manuel Asís

A Mining Engineer who has lived in different countries (Spain, UK, Japan, France, Poland, Ukraine) and travelled worldwide. Also, a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher trained in India and Thailand, and organiser of the Shiva Yoga Festival. On top of that, he loves cooking paellas!

Zoralys Rojas Lárez

Zoralys Rojas

Venezuelan living in Spain who has developed a career working for a number of different NGOs and civil society organizations, like International Amnesty and COFAVIC, being involved in a wide network of Latin American and European NonProfits.

Peter Sebastian

Peter Sebastian

Coming from the UK, Peter has over 30 years teaching experience at a variety of levels. A graduated Master of Arts, MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture, PG Cert TESOL, Person Centred Psychotherapy, PG Dip RSA Drama in Education, PG Cert in Education and BA Theology (Durham)


Saudi English teacher and translator, MA in TESOL from Liverpool University and certified Master Coach. Living in the UK, passionate about self-development.

What this academy is not about

This is not a way to obtain any job.
Though there may be chances to do so, depending on your nationality and some other aspects, we do not guarantee to facilitate you any job position.


What this academy is about

We want you to become the best version of yourself, and during 9 months you will get our support to achieve that, as well as to reach the goals you set at the beginning of this academy, discussed, understood and pondered. You will also count on the support of the community.

You will have online private sessions, online group sessions with other members of the academy and masterclasses, in addition to our own courses and other recommended materials that we consider can help you to accomplish your goals and to become a successful person, an insightful and inspiring young leader.

These are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Personal Branding
  • Effective Communication & Persuasion
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Leadership
  • How to Start your own Business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website & Blog Creation
  • Public Speaking
  • Confidence and Courage
  • and more...

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