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Stephen McCormick

I found the Emotional Intelligence course beautifully illustrated, constructed and presented in a way which made it very easy to learn and participate. The core principle of the course for me was to control one!s emotions to express oneself more positively, set attainable targets which once reached set even higher ones. The embodiment of this principle is Esteban himself who is a shining example of how one can use emotional intelligence to improve oneself. Cogito ergo sum

Diego Fernandez

A great course to learn and also enjoy. I would fully recommend it!

Laura caveney

I attended the emotional intelligence course in Liverpool and found it very helpful learning about how to express my emotions. When I first started I was shy however Esteban and the other people who attended made me feel at ease and I started getting involved in discussions and role plays which helped with my confidence. Esteban made this course really interesting the reason I continued to attend. Would highly recommend these courses! Well done!

Cosima Doerfel Hill

The course on Emotional Intelligence was very informative and useful. Esteban created a friendly and comfortable atmosphere which facilitated learning through a variety of means. Thank you for a brilliant course :)

Donatas Varnas

Very well constructed and delivered knowledge. Very informative and positive approach, perfect for the improvement of self development and to boost confidence. Well done and keep up the good work!

Christopher Burn

A brilliant website with inspirational material from the heart and for the heart. It makes me want to know more. Best wishes

Stephen Metcalfe-Davies

Amazing site, very professional and easy to use on computer and smart phone. The services offered are impressive, it's also a place where people can expand their consciousness and learn about their true self and life potential. Well done Esteban keep up the good work.

Rhea Dopmeijer

I love the way this service is offered for anyone who wants to expand his or her horizon. There are many wonderful opportunities to choose from as well beautiful people connected with it. You did a wonderful job dear Esteban and I am proud to be part of it. Much love and big hug

Amber Royse

Beautifully created and awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing such wonderful opportunities and knowledge on such a massive level. I look forward to seeing the growth of this site, the bonds and connections it will create and those who come here to seek inspiration and loving empowerment. Great work, Esteban!

Joyce Florenna Iris

Absolutely amazing and inspiring website. Such a brilliant and wonderful idea to create and spread good vibes, positive energy and beautiful thoughts all over the world. Good job Esteban! Count on my support in everything you do! Well done & hugs!

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