Chakras Applied to Life

The life-changing course now also online

Chakras Applied to Life

A practical system to have a healthy and meaningful life.

Every Monday
from 7th October to 18th November 2019
Time: From 7 PM to 9.30 PM
                          — 1st session starts at 6 PM

Veggie Republic
16 Cook Street, Liverpool L2 9RF, UK

What will you find in the online course?

  • Videos
  • Lessons in slide format
  • Recorded guided meditations
  • Self-assessment questionnaires
  • The entire course in a handy e-book
Chakras Applied to Life course
Chakra workshop

What is the origin of the chakra system?

The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas. Knowledge of the chakra system was passed down through an oral tradition by the Indo-European people. The Chakra system was traditionally an Eastern philosophy until Western authors started resonating with the idea and wrote about the chakras, expanding upon the older texts and making the knowledge more accessible.

What is a chakra?

The word is defined as a spinning disk or wheel; a chakra on the human body is a spinning disk or wheel of energy that runs along the spine.

There are 7 ‘main’ chakras along the spine, and they all exist within the subtle body, overlaying the physical body. Through modern physiology, we can see that these seven chakras correspond exactly to the seven main nerve ganglia which emanate from the spinal column.

The health of one’s chakras is directly connected to the health of the physical body, the mind, and the emotional wellbeing of a person, all those aspects of the human being are connected.

This course consists of 7 modules

The sessions are connected to each other.
Though it is perfectly possible to attend one or more separated days, doing the entire course will boost its benefits.

  • Module 1: Introduction & Root Chakra — Deals with survival / Blocked by fear
  • Module 2: Sacral Chakra — Deals with pleasure / Blocked by guilt
  • Module 3: Solar plexus Chakra — Deals with willpower / Blocked by shame
  • Module 4: Heart Chakra — Deals with love / Blocked by grief
  • Module 5: Throat Chakra — Deals with truth / Blocked by lies
  • Module 6: Third Eye Chakra — Deals with insight / Blocked by illusion
  • Module 7: Crown Chakra — Deals with pure cosmic energy / Blocked by earthly attachment

DAY 1 (7th October, 6 to 9.30 PM)
Introduction & Root Chakra

Introduction & Root Chakra


  • Foundation – understanding basic concepts of mind, body, soul connections
  • Dealing with stress and life issues
  • Trust
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Physical Healing
  • Planet Earth
  • Nature

Learning Outcomes — You will:

  • Feel well-balanced and stable and secure
  • Be able to trust people
  • Feel present in what is happening right now
  • Feel very connected to your physical body
Sacral chakra

Sacral Chakra


  • Relationships
  • Forgiveness and releasing
  • Healthy eating
  • Feeling abundant
  • Mental Wellbeing

Learning Outcomes — You will:

  • Feel comfortable in all your relationships
  • Be able to express your emotions and feelings rationally
  • Increase your emotional intelligence

Solar plexus Chakra


  • Personal power
  • Self-esteem
  • Self Empowerment
  • Discovering your life purpose and destiny

Learning Outcomes — You will:

  • Feel in control of your life
  • Be confident and have good self-esteem
  • Have a clear idea of what you are good at and how to harness this in your life
Solar Plexus chakra
Heart chakra

Heart Chakra


  • Love of self
  • Love of others
  • Unity and Oneness
  • Compassion
  • Helping Others

Learning Outcomes — You will:

  • Know how to love yourself and others
  • Be actively engaged in helping others e.g. volunteering/teaching etc.
  • You will feel unity with everyone

Throat Chakra


  • Communication
  • Self-expression
  • Truth & Purpose in our communication

Learning Outcomes — You will be able to:

  • Express yourself easily
  • Express yourself through creative outlets
  • Speak your truth confidently
Throat chakra
Brow chakra

Third Eye Chakra


  • Understanding sub-conscious
  • Finding higher self
  • Developing intuition
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Vision and Creation

Learning Outcomes — You will be able to:

  • Define your own vision and move towards this
  • Use visualisations to achieve your desired results
  • Connect to your higher self

Crown Chakra


  • Self-fulfilment
  • Universal consciousness
  • Archetypes

Learning Outcomes — You will be able to:

  • Have a broader and clearer vision of reality
  • Use any of the archetypes at your convenience, depending on the situation you are facing at each moment
  • Be in control of your life
Crown chakra

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What is the investment?

What will you find in the online course?

  • 1 session: £20
  • 4 sessions: £60
  • 7 sessions (full course): £90 — this option also gives you access to our online material, with the content of the course, online questionnaires and 7 audio recorded guided meditations
  • Videos
  • Lessons in slide format
  • Recorded guided meditations
  • Self-assessment questionnaires
  • The entire course in a handy e-book

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