Cristina Pardo

Cristina Pardo

  • Young World Peace Prize 2003 - UNESCO
  • Project of the Year Award - Rotary International, 2002
  • Member of the team, Prince of Asturias Prize of the Peace 1998
  • International Entrepreneur Prize - Rotary Spain, Madrid Zurbarán
  • Award for Sports Excellence - Ministry of Culture and Sports - Bolivia

My mission is to be a mom and support the development of Talent, Leadership and World Teams.

  • Professor of Talent, Leadership, High Management, HR and High Performance Teams (Florida International University, Universidad Europea del Atlántico, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Camilo José Cela and Universidad de Cantabria)
  • Coach of the Spanish Olympic Committee
  • ICOT International speaker 2018 Miami, Florida (US)
  • Director of International Human Resources (experience in multinational in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Portugal)
  • Trainer, Coach and Consultant of Human Resources, Leaders and Equipment of High National and International Performance - Areas: enterprise, education, sports, therapy and personal development
  • International speaker and Honorary Member of the international Chamber of Speakers in 46 countries
  • Vicepresident International Association of Altas Capacidades (High Capacities) AIAC 2017
  • Development of Worldwide Talent and Leadership - Rotary International
  • Trainer, Coach and Consultant for Silicon Valley in Latin America




Talent, leadership, education, high capacities, families and educational centers


Sports and high performance

Therapy and personal development

Physiotherapy, integral health and personal development


Companies, organisations, leaders, teams and human resources


Professional experience

  • Mercedes Benz-Daimler
  • Leader - European projects
  • International Rotary (2016 - present)
  • European Union
  • CEOE - Spanish confederation of employers
  • Spanish Olympic Committee
  • International Institute of Sports Excellence
  • Governments of Spain, Bolivia and Cantabria
  • Universities Complutense of Madrid, Camilo José Cela University, and Menéndez Pelayo International University, University of Cantabria
  • IZO System (Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal)
  • Tripartite Foundation - European Social Fund
  • Erasmus+ European Youth
  • Orange - Connection - Nexian
  • Bolivian Gymnastics Selection
  • Town halls of Torrelavega, Corvera de Toranzo, and 16 town halls of the Mancomunidad Valles Pasiegos (Spain)
  • Delegation of Cantabria municipalities (Spain)
  • Fundación Hombres Nuevos (New Men) y Jaime Alonso Abruña
  • Ministry of Education Cantabria Government
  • Schools (2012 - present) Fomento - Peñalabra. Sacred Hearts, José Luis Hidalgo School, Pintor Agustín Riancho School, Campuzano School, Augustinian Schools
  • SOAM - Child Guidance Service
  • OYAMBRE Association
  • International Association of High Capacity AIAC
  • International Talent Lecturer and Leadership, ICOT 2018, Miami, Florida (US)


Higher University training and international certifications

  • Master MBA, High Management, UNIR International University
  • Master of Direction and Management of Human Resources - Camilo José Cela University - IMF Business School (Madrid - Spain)
  • Management of the talent and knowledge - IMF Business School and Camilo José Cela University - Master of personal and executive coaching specialised in Emotional Intelligence.
  • Master of international development - Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid) - physiotherapy - Universidad Complutense Madrid
  • Early stimulation - Universidad Camilo José Cela (Madrid)
  • Health and international development - Universidad Complutense Madrid
  • Trainer and national and international judge of rhythmic gymnastics - Real Spanish Federation of Gymnastics and Bolivian Federation of Gymnastics

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