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What is it about Suppression?

Love for yourself is priority number  1

Suppression is being done by both sides, the moment the power shifted. The moment the shift between energy feminine/masculine was entering duality through incarnation. You are a child of light as much as everyone else..

Through lifetime experiences the balance between both energies got distorted.. we not only have to heal the feminine wound as well the masculine

The fine line between fiction and reality

Fiction can become the ultimate reality

Growing up with imaginary friends, playing and pretending. To be told it wasn’t real, yet it was my world, how could it not be. Drawing my fantasy world and years later come across the same image. This time with meaning and being real at the same time. Not knowing as a child what it was I saw. Nobody could explain it or showed me where to find it. Imagined trips to school on a horse back, just because it felt natural and real. Could feel the breeze in my hair and the cadence of the horses steps. The freedom in the running together, wild and free.

Your Divine Guidance is a Conversation of Love

For Love will always be the Compass in your Life

How do you get access to your Divine Guidance let alone have a conversation with it? I think a lot of people really will question the presence of Divine Guidance. How to discover this source of Inner Wisdom if you don’t even believe it exists. Let alone have a conversation with this part of non-existence in the material world. Yet if you have these talks with yourself, sometimes even out loud, you are taking part of a conversation. We all know these moments you are deliberating with yourself in order to figure out what to do.

What to do with stressful situations?

Can you find this inner peaceful place within your own heart, where love is as natural as the changes of the elements, where every season has its own place?

We all are familiar I guess with situations in our life that are stressful. Maybe one more than the other, yet every time we are exposed to stress, it is something that puts a strain on our emotional, physical and mental state of mind. It also depends on how long a stressful situation will last how much impact it will have on our inner balance. It also depends on character how we are equipped to handle stress.

How do you express yourself?

It is hard to find the right words at times

 How difficult it might be at times to express yourself verbally to the outside world. It is hard to find the right words at times, so people might understand a bit more. About your own process and how this is being reflected in the outside world. Sometimes people see what is going on, other times they are too self-absorbed to witness. All we can do is perceive it through our own perceptions. An open mind is experiencing this in a different way. It can see through the different layers of the words and acts.

How to adapt to a new country

Psychologist Geert Hofstede wrote: “Culture is like an onion that can be peeled, layer by layer, to reveal the content.

Light Body to Light Body on different planes

We come to Earth in order to create a new pathway within our Soul

 How to explain an experience when I cannot find the words Just the sensation and experience.

When memories come flooding in

 On this day the memories are flooding in

Remembering the final phases of a life time

The breaking point as well the surrendering

Yet still strong connected through will and spirit

The dignity you held through the passing

Honoring those you held so dear

Each in their own way sharing your love

And giving them the gifts through words

As well your intense awareness .

You are standing tall and bright

After releasing all layers that needed to be shed

Earning your wings through your courage

Love yourself

loving yourself is a priority

 Your relationship with you is the most intimate one you’ll have in this lifetime. The more you love yourself, the more you can focus your energy specifically on the greater good. Love yourself even if it doesn’t seem natural, and you’ll be a conduit for higher energy. Treat those around you in the same way you wish to be treated. It is time to show the higher part of yourself. You can easily detach and see the big picture in each situation. To move forward, you must exude higher energy, because what you give out is what you receive.

How do dreams work?

Everyone dreams. Even people who are 100% sure they do not dream, dream. The average person enters the Rapid-Eye-Movements phase up to five times a night. During those phases you can dream up to seven times, a dream lasting anywhere from a few seconds to half an hour in length. That adds to a total dreaming time of 1 to 2 hours. Scientists have found that the brainwaves that are produced while dreaming are just as active as the ones you produce when you are awake. They might be even more active. This might be because most dreams are negative.