QLU project

The Truth about your Inner Strength

Builds our inner Strength

When you are connected with your Heart

Listening to the whispers and nudges,

Not even doubting what to do next,

You are tapping into your inner Strength.

It is sometimes real subtle to hear

And it requires a certain tuning in

Ready to listen with a different kind of hearing.

When you are able to step aside

The Yin-Yang principle within the Feminine Energy

Being pro-active by nature, receiving is one of the lesser developed energy lines within myself

The role of the woman dealing with duality, is more than creating balance between her female energy. It is as well the need to address the masculine energy within her being. Yet It is also about the yin yang principle which is found within the feminine energy. Each of us hold this yin yang principle as a woman and man within our energy field. For therein lies the magical transformation to unite and connect the poles, which also are abiding within the female energy settings.

Focus on your priorities

Defining our priorities is the first step

How easier said than done at times. With all the distractions around us, we tend to forget to set our focus on our own priorities. Defining our priorities is the first step. You have to know what they are before you can truly bring in your consciousness in it. Most of us are busy every day. With all the multi-tasking that the world demands of us. Losing track of times for instance being too busy to notice things around you are changing. People perceive you differently.

Hands and Health, a significant connection

Healing by hands is as old as the world

Hands and Health combined in a topic to bring in some clarity about the significant connection between the both of them. We are holding so much energy in our hands, using this for comforting, soothing, calming, healing as well. You know, when you were a little kid and you feel, your mother automatically was striking your hair, sweeping the tears from your face, feeling the sore spot. We all do this instinctively.

Do what it takes that needs to be done

Yet do what it is that needs to be done. You are your own healer, you are your own magister of your transformation.
When your world is in a major change and shift internally, all you can do what it takes to be done. Using
the triggers as tools to know what it is that still needs to be addressed. Even though it might seem to you
it is all cleared and healed, forgiven even. At times there is still something showing up unexpectedly. So
what do you do? Like the spiral all is embedded to pick up the stones along the way. Those bricks and

I don’t know where I am going

I don’t know where I am going. All I know is where I am not going.
Do you know that feeling, not knowing where you are going? I can tell for the past years where I am
going, just because I cannot see where I will be in the future time. Either next month or 5 years from
now. I have never been able to see what life has in store for me. Other than just be aware of today, of
what happens right now. What type of energy I sense around or who I will encounter. It is never

Expressions of Love

Self-Love in the greatest expansion you can create
What greater gift is it to see the reflection of your love for someone else reflected in their eyes, or in
the actions you both share? Isn’t it just that we seek, not just to love but also Be-loved? And most of
the time it seems easy. When you take a look at your grandchild playing with his grandfather and see
the love and connection, you know that this love came naturally, no force, no need, nothing but
existing right there and then in the Moment, in the Now, flowing and returning each other’s love,

Looking from the inside out

Because I always have my antennae outstanding, To pick up the emotions and atmosphere around me.
Sometimes it is as if I am not in this reality.
Feeling like I am in some sort of daydream land,
Moving around on the street and watching people.
Sending them a morning greet and smile
To let them know I see You as a natural gift.
Walking along sometimes I almost bump in someone,
Or trip over an edge of a brick as a warning.
I am shimmering in and out of this world
And move within my own in and out as well.

When you take off your Mask

"(...) Expression of my inner nature by love created a safe surrounding within enabling me to love myself with compassion and kindness without the need to hide my true feelings behind an internal mask."
I was asked to take off my Mask
A long time ago already in order
To stand tall and be exposed in all
My vulnerability as well my power
Strength and courage are part
Of this process to come from within
Out into the open outer reality world.
In order to be that open I have to start
Within my own reality world defined
By my emotions reflecting my experiences.
As well my mind train who is on a track

You will awaken to all of it

During all the experiences which I had there was this inner line, this connection with a part of me that held a safe space for me. That is how I perceive it. Even when the going gets tough.
Waking up with this line in my head of a song I know, I realize it is a message I receive from the other
side. Or maybe I should say from my Higher Self, Who has the overview of any type of situation I have
found myself in. Sometimes it is hard to define. I know it when the songs are coming from my beloved in
the songs I hear over the radio. Yet I have been receiving many confirming messages over a longer
period of time already. Mostly a couple of lines out of a song, not always in my sleep, at times also