QLU project

Your inner fire is about passion and desire

Bring in the energy of Life

When you are passionate about something,

You always want more to expand your boundaries.

Desire of the most uplifting and wonderful sensations,

That come through the senses of our human being.

The dance of Life that can bring in the highs and lows

All combined in one simple act of expression.

Life is Love so every act that comes from that inner well

Or source connection we also call Soul’s expression

Is a experience that will kindle that light of flame

Finding your own rhythm

Doing what makes me feel happy and enjoying not doing anything

The theme of today is about the realization that I am finding my own rhythm in a whole new way. Ever since my birth I am as we all are following the rhythm of our parents, school, jobs as well the rhythms of the season. This may be a lot different for a lot of people, depending on where you are growing up. Either in a small country village, or a big city. Or depending on your location on our planet, north or south, east or west. A lot of our rhythm is been influenced of our current position. Yet that’s not the internal rhythm of our own unique personal being.

You cannot shield from the storms to gain inner standing

Diving into the world of conscious and sub-conscience awareness

Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms, you would never see the true beauty of their carvings.

Elisabeth Kubbler-Ross


Step free from judging and denying your experience. Call upon your Higher Self to carry you through intense feelings that accompany profound growth. Turn your transformation over to Spirit.


Do the Walk of Life

The Walk of Life on this planet is something we as human Embodiment

The Walk of Life is connected with all the different stages we come across in every lifetime in order to grow. Not to be part of a way of just moving through the days, you need to be aware and conscious about the deeper layers. Meanwhile every day is a day to embrace life to the fullest, enjoy every gift which is presenting itself and rejoice the loving companions you are surrounded by.

It isn’t about you, a choice in perception

Being authentic is also about the choice you make when this doesn’t apply

I own my truth and am responsible for my thoughts and actions always. That is a choice I made a long time ago. I know which effect it may have on the world around me if I don’t act and think from a place within my heart where Love resides and is Master. Not always able to tap into this sacred place within myself. When emotions are stirring up my state of mind, creating doubt or emotions of frustration. The positive and the negative, it is all about the energy which is being send outwards.

When do you know you’re ready?

Love moves mountains, that’s for sure

Going through an intense period these past couple of weeks which had to do with releasing old patterns as well partner. I hear this phrase for week now, please release me let me go. I know that I always receive messages through lines of a song. So for me this was like, why and what are you want me to do. I knew this would come from my love on the other side of the veil. As I was pondering, what it could mean for me, it dawned on me it might be time for a new phase in both our lives.

When Music brings back memories

represent the emotions of losing the one you love

I think it’s safe to say we all have those moments that we are being triggered by a song, a tune to bring up a memory. Sometimes it causes a series of songs, when I hear a song being played that represents the world to me. This happened a lot over the past 2 years, as it did during our entire marriage. Being married to a musician brings up all kinds of songs that signify our relationship over the years. Always were the lyrics most connecting part of the way I felt or feel, when one line sticks out.

Popcorn – what you put in isn’t what comes out

It is a lot like the way we use our own experiences through our day to day life

I was thinking about Popcorn and the way you can create with simple corn a lovely treat, either salty either sweet. It all depends on taste, doesn’t it? It is a lot like the way we use our own experiences through our day to day life. Challenges are triggering the to discover unknown seeds, in order to discover what it brings forth. Sometimes it feels like a microwave at times when we find ourselves deep into the emotional state which is connected.

Masks - Looks and beauty

I chose to have this beautiful body and looking like a witch or a gnome

I chose to have the body of an Angel and the face of a clown. Nobody could see through my exterior to see the inner beauty I held. Or they fell in love with my body and it’s curves, lush and blooming or they detested me, calling me names and treating me harshly.