Stepping out of my comfort zone

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Stepping out of my comfort zone by Rhea Dopmeijer

Stepping out of my comfort zone


These past few days have been very intensive, because I could feel the way the energy was shifting. My love and I are always connected through the veil in very different ways to be acknowledged. For me it is always a heart opening moment of pure joy, when I receive a clear sign when I am processing. Specially when I am questioning something about the next step I want to take in my life, because it serves my highest good. The moment I ask him to be at my side, I receive such beautiful answers through the visual world as well. I know it is time to change my life in a different way, stepping out of the comfort zone of our relationship it was this lifetime so far. I was made aware, he was planning a coming back, to be with his loved ones again as well to heal some unfinished business.


I receive some clear messages through several sources, to take me by the hand into a new and unpredicted new adventure. Roles will be different this time, which is confusing as well a miracle to enable me to be here to witness. How many of us can say this. How this is going to enfold, that still will be a mystery as well a magical journey. This also means to me, my role in relationship will change. So to create inner space in order to be able to do so, I have to let go of our physical relationship we had as partners. I have been dealing internally with this challenge for some time now, the moment I was told this was about to happen in the near future. So what would this mean for me. 


Love has many faces and ours has been about partnering up this lifetime initially. Although we knew deep down, inner knowing, this wasn’t going to last our entire lifetime together. It was also about a promise. To enable and love him through all the trials he was going to have. Dealing with the obstacles in his life on a personal level had also brought up some challenges for the both of us. Yet the deep inner love and knowing was enough to bring the unconditional love into our relationship. At the end he was done with this lifetime and had to go to the bottom of his own being. We knew we would see each other again, as well we would be connected through our love. Through the veil to share our love still in such a wonderful and magical way.


What does this mean for me? I struggled a while on my personal level and ego wishes to be with him in the way we were before. Yet I know as well why he needs to come back into this reality to resolve what ever there was that needed to be acknowledged. So this big heart of him as well his soul essence is having another precious experience. He will choose his parents that will enable him to fulfill his journey. His physical being will be different from this lifetime, since he has cleared already so many wounds. His blueprint will be one of a teacher no doubt, for that is what he has to give to the world. His deep knowledge as well experiences maybe as well through music and his talent to share his passion.


So these past few weeks and specially these past couple a days were all about goodbye, to the old and familiar way we were before. Not saying goodbye to our love, it will just be in a different form and I feel blessed to be able to witness this up close again from the start. It also enables me to create new space within for me. In letting the physical form to be in relationship to me, it also created a possibility as well. How this will enfold in my life to come, is still a mystery, as has been a lot for me. Never able to see into the future, always taking it one day at a time. To be in this moment, to experience and receive what is being offered. His love for me, from his soul, remains the same. As does my love for him. 


When somebody reacted to a post with the response, he will love you forever and will arrange for you to meet another soul mate, I was flabbergasted to say at the least. His love is this strong for you, that he wants you to be happy as well with someone else to keep you company in a loving way. How grand and rich this will be if this will happen, or should I say when this happens. This creates an enormous trust and faith within my heart and soul as well. So today I am settling the dust so to speak that was coming up with these messages. Dealing with the conflicting emotions at times, yet always knowing deep within my heart it would be another magical journey for the both of us, again.


So I see when I see you, will have a new identity so to speak. It will be about new beginnings for the both of us to follow our soul’s journey. For the highest good of the 2 of us, will it bring in even more uplifting and enlightening energy. This is about a new phase, according to the energy that is brought in these days as well with the new codes of vibration. We are the creators of our life and we are able to create magic. Releasing the doubt as well the emotions about loss and pain, there will be a clarity never experienced. New visions as well expanding love will be a new norm and love will always be the master key, the cement and the glue. 


And so it will be done




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