Life is like a camera

Focus only on what is important and you will capture it perfectly” – Linda Poindexter

Reading this quote, it was connecting me with a theme we got to write an article about. Camera was the word to be used in the title as well as how I would interpret this to my day-to-day life. I was thinking about this because it also resonates with the way I use my phone. Taking pictures of the things in nature, which stand out for me, or pique my interest. Usually this is about energy that comes in or through the way Sunlight is playing with the shadows. Or the clouds in the sky, changing their form and chased by the wind. Colors that appear in the morning or evening sky.


It is not being very technical with it. More the way I sense and feel, being a sentient. Walking outside I tune into the energy, that is where my focus lies. I feel or see what holds a story to tell, what message wants to come across. My focus is also listening, to my inner voice. The nudges I get when something immediately gets my attention. I am also visual orientated, so for me this is a way of looking at the world as well. Some people are more orientated through hearing, or sensing. Visual aspects always get my attention.

Focus is also about awareness. Being aware of your surroundings. Able to be sensitive to the little changes, as subtle as they might be. Promises for change, little nudges for me to listen to, tune in. To do so, it needs me to be conscious about who I am as well. So, the moment you start this journey of awareness, learning about who you are, what makes you tick, or what not. What affects you in good or bad ways as well the cause roots of them. Working my way through the different challenges I came across during my lifetime. Focus was one thing needed to get things started and turned them around.

It is a process of growth, nourishing, hard work at times emotionally, to get through the different layers. Yet when I put my focus on what is in front of me, what it made me feel, touching my insecurities as well. My full attention got caught. My intentions were set to release any tense energy, or stuck emotions. I wanted it to be cleared, as well as understood. The way we are also are part of the whole, our family, our community which has an impact on our development, our growing up. The messages we receive, through religion, traditions, as well.

You can zoom in on anything that resonates with you or enlarge what is happening. What you apply will change the way you are focusing on any topic, emotion, process. We can capture the essence or get lost in the diffuse image that presents itself. When staying close to yourself, it will enable you to focus on things at hand. Whatever may present itself, to help or assist you. Focus on intention will enable to make progress and find new ways to bring in more balance and healing. If that is where you want to place your focus on.

You can look in your photo album, watching the pictures of your past. They might be black and white, or in full and bright colors. Depending on the different phases in your life as well the challenges you met along the way. The way you can deal with experiences that come your way, will have an impact on the images you develop. Like the dark room where you develop your pictures, waiting for the process to dry and expose the images. Using the camera so to speak, as a tool, to focus on where your attention is drawn to.

To bring in more light in the dark corners, sometimes using the flashlight to bring it into the open. The more exposure through love and light I bring, it will shine and sparkle. Losing its dark tones, shining with brilliance. My focus on every aspect, on my spiral path, bringing it all out into the open. Every aspect that needs to be seen, every detail that needs to be heard and understood. I walk my path, with my camera at hand, using the focus through the lens. The lens of clarity and clearing. Adjusting the intensity, the focus as well the use of zooming in on what really matters.

And so, it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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