How to steer and drive the longing of the heart

Follow your heart’s calling and

trust the hand of life to provide your needs.

Trust your steering mechanism of Heart-Knowing.

Open to receive, share your feelings, desires, and dreams.

Listening to the inner world and adjust your needs

Will bring in more and more excitement throughout the day.

Just enable the heart knowing to come to the forth

In order to learn to trust your inner gut and feelings.

Be open to receive whatever comes your way

Maybe through the nudges and follow up on them.

I believe it is all about learning to read the roadmap

Of your Self and the journey, the Soul has in mind.


The way we can avoid any obstacles along the way,

Especially in busy traffic so to speak,

in the inner world of emotions that might prevent

us for further traveling because of the diversion.

Steering around or through the turmoil will bring out

More clarity, like the entangling of the chaos.

The mind may bring up the emotions while the heart

Will create feelings of well-being and love.

Every time we are challenged with the emotional hick-ups,

We can make the conscious choice to steer yourself

Around the bumps and corners that are blocking the view.

The more we learn to rely on the uplifting outcome,

When the heart steers us out of the upheaval the mind

Has created, the more we earn to trust our inner guidance.

The soul and heart long for the union and reunion

Of parts that are broken or astray.

Opening up to the signs they place on your way

To create the tools which enable you to have a clear view

Is also enabling you to come forth and share the dreams

With those you love and trust on your journey.

By sharing your feelings and opening up to loved ones,

The way your path will enfold will become clearer.

It will teach you to trust in the Heart knowing during

Situations and encounters with others that will come up.

Like the way we learn to move through traffic as a young kid,

We learn to read the signs along the way, the directions

We can take once we set out our destination and route.

Many forks in the road at times and roads under construction

Will teach us how to avoid them by reading the Heart

Knowing, as well the instructions that come from Love.

That is the most important drive in your life, where you

Find your passion and destination your Soul wants for you.

There always will be that push to move forward,

To follow the signs that will bring you more comfort

And loving care, by sharing as well with others.

For we all are driving along the roads of this lifetime.

We can encourage each other and bring in more light,

In order to assist and bring in some comfort as well

The road less traveled is sometimes a bit of a lonely one,

Yet when you feel inside, you are enough as you are,

There will be no sense of being alone, feeling left out.

There and then you know, a deeply felt heart knowing,

You have all you need and want, for you are content

And happy to be you, and a sense of fulfillment occurs

It comes from the depths of your heart and soul,

It is as bright as the Sun Light which at times might

Blind you, yet it also fills every fiber and cell with life,

Every atom drinks in the energy of Life and Love.

Opening up to receive all the love and confirmation,

No longer lost or feelings of confusion where to go.

The path is clear and the road is wide and open,

To steer you to the destination your soul has set out.

Follow your drive, follow your heart’s desire,

To bring you Home again within you.

And so it will Be

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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