How to bounce back

When this came up as a theme to write about, I had 2 options to choose from. You have a bounce in your tread or how to bounce back when something happens. To bounce back is the first to be addressed because I truly believe the result will be to have that bounce in your step again. We all go through different challenges in our lifetime. They might be different; they might be difficult. Still, I do believe that what is going on is also holding the key to healing. In order to find out what the root issue is, it requires a lot of hard work, sweat and tears for sure.

Everyone is going through challenges. It depends on the way we can deal with them, how the outcome will be. If it is stuck in fear, it will stay repeating itself repeatedly, creating even more pain and sorrow. The stuck energy will lead to mental and emotional wounds, like depression or traumatic resonances. The deeper the emotional and psychological wounds, the harder to deal with them. Let alone find a way to bounce back from them. Every injury and attack have an impact on the well-being of any individual.


So, what is it we need to do or can do, to bounce back from these traumatic events? They are coloured with fear and pain, which has its impact on self-esteem, self-worth as well as self-love. Because when you are taught you are worthless, not deserving love so to speak, it cuts deep into the heart and soul. Many or should I say, most of us on this journey is dealing with this profound impact. Because, what if you don’t have any self-esteem, self-worth and self-love, how to rekindle that spark within. When you are only taught the opposite, how can you turn this around?

How can you regain conscious awareness about your self again? Trust is an important part of this process as well. Because going through these challenges, the trust will always be a big issue. How to trust someone else, who is treating you badly? Yet, maybe even more important, how to trust yourself, your intuition, what your heart tells you. How can you trust your heart, when love has been coloured with pain and exhaustion? How can you even trust that love isn’t what you were learned along the way yet has a healing potential when it is given freely and unconditionally.

There are many examples of how people can be loving and caring, even when they have gone through lots of ordeals. There are many big names we have as a role model, but there are also many who preach love and practice the opposite. The duality in this world, the diffuse energy, is tough to deal with. How to be able to see through the illusion people are spreading. Or through the way, some are demanding respect by using force and disrespect. Too many are being suppressed by dictatorship, through manipulation on such a big scale.

So where to start on our own individual journey to find our own way to heal and express ourselves in a loving, self-respecting way. The need for teachers to learn how precious each and everyone is, how unique each soul is. The way how people in your close surroundings are different in their approach you are used to or getting used to. Which is even worse, for this only confirms the beliefs that were forced upon. The first step to take, to get your self out of this pit. The way the spark within needs to get fuel so to speak. In order to feel the little light within your heart again, which has always been there, even if it was buried under a lot of layers.

To reach rock bottom is sometimes one way to understand and learn, the only way then is up. The response of someone with love and understanding, compassion and kindness. These are the tools, the positive triggers to enable you to make that first step. You may be broken, yet not bend. There is this inner spark that needs to grow, that needs to be seen, felt and heard. It will be a process on the spiral of life so to speak. On each round, you will find the stones and sticks to stumble upon or fall over.

With the willingness to get out of that old pit you felt your self in, the first step already has been taken. To identify, as well acknowledge, there is more to it, as you might even have considered. It might have been a long time ago, you listened to that inner voice, that gut feeling. The way you have developed that radar to read the energy at present, during the hard times, may as well be used for your own benefit. It will work as an alarm, a warning sign, you learned along the way, which you trust. How to turn this around into a radar to detect the positive energy as well, the love and kindness that exist as well?

Negative energy will create a way of showing, in your energy field, the way you walk, the way you look at each other in the eyes. Those who want to abuse and overpower, know those signs the best. There is this other part as well. Within the dualistic way, we exist there is also the way how we express love in our energy field. How to look at each other, how we encounter each other. There is a saying: Where love exists, fear cannot. With help and assistance, if you are willing to accept help, it is possible to work through the layers. To rediscover this inner power, we have as our birthright. To be loved and love as well.

Walking the spiral, encountering the obstacles along the way, learning how to deal with them, will create space and movement. Every step along the way will bring back a little bit more of a bounce in our tread. So, imagine how it would be, working through these layers, to bring in love where there was fear. How this would change the inner energy as well the outer appearance. For we are the sum of all aspects. The physical, mental and emotional is all connected with each other. Every time we bring in love, this will have a profound effect on every one of them. It may even lead to finding your step through life getting better and with more ease.

Healing and balancing the emotional stuck energy is a journey in its own way. In our micro-macro cosmos so to speak, we find the elements through those who are holding fear as a weapon. To bounce back, we can show each other, we are able to change the ways of old patterns. Together we can create a wave, as were the first ripple started within the one. We are all connected with each other, and it will have an enormous outcome when we start living together with love, compassion and kindness. To bounce back and create a new internal world, thus creating it in the outside world as well.

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