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The deeper we can dive into the stuck energy that we keep hidden for ourselves, the more we can bring it up into the light and love where it will be healed and cleansed, How to find this stuck energy or be aware of it? We can recognize stuck energy by looking at our emotional reactions that come up. The positive energy reaction is coming from a happy place. Yet, the negative energy reaction comes from the same place.

It is this inner space that is sometimes hidden behind our negative feelings and emotions. They are usually caused by experiences and challenges which caused fear, anxiety, pain and sorrow. Energy that will bring joy and happiness is also to be found in this inner space. Sometimes it becomes addressed as the inner child within ourselves. It also holds the energy that needs to be healed and made aware of. Every time a negative energy comes up, we have the tendency to block it, bring it back to where it came from.


It is too hard at times to admit the negativity of experiences are hidden. We love to ignore the signs when we feel threatened by them, because it makes us insecure. Or the emotions that belong with them are too overwhelming. It can feel as if you would drown if you would even let them come up. So the tendency of blocking them is a natural response to protect ourselves against anything that might bring us out of balance.

It also shows a pattern when the negative emotions are connected through the same type of experiences. Like those who are overpowering, making us feel fragile, vulnerable, unworthy or not worth the notion of attention. There comes a moment in time you want to be free of all this uncertainty, all the emotions that keep popping up. Just in order to get your attention. All those different aspects that are connected with these negative emotions have the need to be seen, to be heard, to be understood. Most of all, to be loved, with kindness and compassion.

As any human being, we all need to feel loved. The moment we enter the world, we want to be hold with love. To be protected against harm. Being vulnerable and not able to defend ourselves, being dependent on the love of our parents, family and community. If there is any lack of those needs, it will cause a scar, an emotional wound within our physical, mental and emotional bodies. They can only heal through love, understanding, with compassion and kindness. There is this deep space within ourselves, that will hold these experiences, the positive and negative.

When we start to acknowledge, there is this place deep within that is holding the emotions kept out of sight. Then we can accept the need to address the upcoming emotions during lifetime experiences. Either with other people, or also with circumstances we don’t have any control over. Like the force of nature that can cause enormous fires, floods, earthquakes. The destruction that follows after storms and tornados, the way we are being threatened during those episodes. Those experiences are more common and easy to recognize.

The wounds that are inflicted through abuse, cruelty, abandonment, war and poverty are more difficult to address. They are mostly deeper hidden. Blocked because of the trauma they caused. They blocked the development as a human being, the way we are growing up and are damaged by force from outside. To start this process of acknowledgment and acceptance takes a lot of courage. It is very demanding because of the intensity and pain that comes with it. To take responsibility for your own healing process, requires to step out of the victim role.

Learning to love yourself, to feel worthy as well love for oneself are powerful tools. They are needed to handle the emotional triggers. To change the way how you would react to certain triggers. It is a process which is not easy, and it is hard work most of the time. But it is worth it. It will be a learning curve for sure. Sometimes 2 steps forwards, one step back. The way you can take control again of the way you feel about yourself, will be healing.

Every time you can shed some light on a wounded part, a breach of trust for instance, there will be healing. Every time you take yourself by the hand and lead you out of harms way, there will be healing. At any time you are able to bring in love for yourself, there will be healing. Healing is part of the love that is growing by self-love, self-worth, bringing more and more light into this inner space. It is like you are sparking that little light that is deeply hidden beneath all the rumble. By shedding light on your own emotional world, it will be growing into a little fire of love

So this inner space will receive more and more light and will align with your inner core as it is represented. By and through this channel of Love and light. When your sacral and heart energy spaces are working together as one, to aid and assist In your healing process. In every aspect of your soul and personal journey you have undertaken. Step by step, there will be more and more fuel to light up this inner fire. The connection that is created with your inner core self as well as your personal, mental and emotional parts.

By diving deep within, into the source of life that lies hidden beneath the depths of your personal emotional wounds, healing starts. This will create more balance and empowerment. It will be the cornerstone you can stand upon, the solid ground and safe space. Every time you have healed a part, this will only grow. It will be serving you to follow through. To have the courage to take the next step, how small it might seem. Love and compassion for oneself are tools with power. The power to bring healing to every aspect, every shadow.

So, through acceptance and acknowledgment, we are creating a safe inner space. A place where we can love and trust ourselves. Where we are learning to withstand the negative energy caused by fear, to replace it with love, compassion, and understanding. Be kind towards yourself.

And so, it will be.

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