Balance: How can we achieve it?

Only when there is complete coherence between what you feel and think, between what you say and do can there be balance. And only when there is balance can one experience absolute peace, never-ending joy, all-encompassing love – complete fulfillment and abundance.

Reading this text I can feel how difficult this is. Not just what I want to say and respond to that in a way that is reflecting my actions and thoughts. Is there a way to perceive absolute peace within?


There are times I have my heart on my tongue. Other times I have to bite my tongue to keep silent. It depends on the situation that’s for sure. Safety is one ingredient in the mix. To keep myself out of harms way isn’t always easy when there are threads for someone else’s safety. I despise the bully behavior when one person is picked out by several others.

I stepped up on many occasions to assist or defend someone especially if they are vulnerable and fragile. It is always a matter of power or empowering to be balanced out.

it would fuel my need to protect and be of assistance the best way possible. The way to bring in the energy is always different. Depending of the situation, it also requires a moment of reflection. What would be the best way to step in, with the best outcome possible?

Inner balance is reflecting the outer-directed balance. Choosing the words, or just be there, bringing in an energy-efficient posture. We all know those moments I guess, where you make a decision in a split moment. It is also about trust. Trusting yourself to be able to make difference.

Not by using force so much. Just leveling the playfield is sometimes all that is required. How to balance this out within yourself? Mechanisms about self-worth and self-love are playing a part in this as well. To know what drives you when it comes to justice or injustices for one.

With a world so out of balance at the moment it is even more difficult to maintain an inner balance. Being affected through internal wounds will trigger for sure emotions. Which creates a disbalance within your own system. These are also the tools to take into consideration to work on your inner balance.

They will show without a doubt what is still lingering and needs healing still. The only way to do so, is to pay attention to them. More so bring in love and compassion for yourself. Healing comes from love and understanding. Forgiveness is also part of the process. Working on your inner balance will bring in more love and joy if you can love all your parts unconditionally.

To bring forth the joy and acceptance of yourself in every way possible. This is a process with many steps to take. Invite them in with love, embrace your parts filled with fear or anxiety. Create a safe space within yourself. Allow the emotions to come through, triggered by circumstances and experiences with love.

Every time you are able to bring home an aspect of yourself it will bring in more joy and harmony. Don’t judge yourself if it feels too hard or too painful to accept. Give it time, bring in kindness and compassion. Reach out your hand so to speak so it will feel safe enough to come forward.

Balance is a fine line. All we can do is balancing on the rope so to speak to keep this as safe as possible. Sometimes we need to adjust when there is a lack of trust in ourselves. Or lack of love for that matter. To feel the joy when you are able to release and let go. The energy which spreads throughout your whole being.

That’s the moment you can feel the inner balance. Integrating this energy within your entire being. So next time you can rely on it to step forward. To bring in this loving and healing energy. Creating your inner balance, step by step. It’s an ongoing process, and we call it Life.

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